Nomakhwezi Fairy-doll

NOMAKHWEZI is her name. The Xhosa word Khwezi refers to the morning star that still shows when the sun rises.
I have a very dear Xhosa friend with this name and to me she is worth the moon and the stars! Although she is not fair skinned like me, I decided to create this doll as for our friendship we do not see any color and to me she is the same as my own reflection. Anyway, the morning star hangs lite and silver-shiny in the sky, until the sun becomes too bright.
Audrey made this doll with hand stitched embroidered facial features on pearl-white velvet skin.
Her clothes are handmade with grey leather suede, turkey maribou and sequins.
The black very long hair is braided into a long plait hanging over her shoulder.
Her arms and legs are decorated with wooden beads.

She is 100% Handmade

Size: 17 cm Tall without hanging loop

This little hanging doll is a perfect decoration for the Christmas tree or anywhere you wish to hang her.