Orange Springbok Teddy Bear

40 cm Tall Springbok fur Teddy bear, available in the following colors;
* Natural
* Orange
* Red
* Black
* Grey
* Pink
* Yellow
The Teddy can sit by itself and the arms and legs can move up and down, making it possible to stand or sit in different positions.

The Springbok teddy bear is most suitable for
* a gift to newborn baby
* a gift to loved one
* for teenagers to display in room
* for functions to display as center piece on tables
* to help with display in jewelry shops, hair salons, boutique shops, etc…
* a collectible sales item at rugby games when the Bokke plays (The springbok antelope is our National antelope and also the name of our National Rugby team)

All parts are securely fastened with lock nuts where needed to make it child safe.
The feet and nose features real leather detail.
The fur is A-grade quality.
This is a collectors item. Each teddy bear is given a unique name with a special meaning and is boxed in a handmade gift box with see-through window for shop display.

These teddy bears are 100% hand made and cannot be identical replicas.