Naledi the Albino Fairy-doll

NALEDI means ” a star ” in Tswana. She represents the Albino girls in South Africa whom are most commonly found in the Tswana community of South Africa.
She sends out a special message that her unusual skin tone will make her shine like a beautiful and special star. She has hand stitched embroidered facial features on a pearl-white velvet skin and her hair is made from peacock feather fringing. Her arms and legs are decorated with porcupine quills to indicate the contrasting colors known to show in their skin. Hands and feet are made of glass.

Her clothes are handmade with beige leather suede, turkey marabou and golden sequins.

She is 100% Handmade

Size: 17 cm Tall without hanging loop

This little hanging doll is a perfect decoration for the Christmas tree or anywhere you wish to hang her.