Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions when placing an order:

Interested buyers should complete our contact form and we will reply with product and pricing information. Once we’ve agreed on a product specification, we will forward a quote for approval. On acceptance of the quote, we will forward a Performa Invoice. Only once the Performa Invoice is confirmed by the buyer, the order will become official.

Price Indication & Payments
** PLEASE NOTE: Foreign currency prices on the website or any other price list you received from us, are only an indication and falls subject to the actual currency rate, on the day of payment. Always ask for a quotation before you place your official order.

The Ex-works prices stay the same no matter the quantity items you order because the items are hand-crafted and 100% natural, they cannot be manufactured at a lower cost if you place larger orders. However, your FOB price will be influenced by the quantity and stack ability of the items selected and can vary anything between 3-20% above the Ex Works price. The FOB price includes:

          Packaging cost

          The Permit fee, which is a once-off fee per invoice of R450. Our natural mediums are not Cities endangered and do not need a special Cities permit.

          Delivery cost of R350 to Cape Town shipping company.

Packaging & shipping costs will be estimated on the Performa invoice. A payment of 50% of the total estimated cost should be deposited into our account, before we start production. Proof of payment should be e-mailed or faxed to us to confirm your order. Only after receiving the deposit in our account, will we begin to manufacture your products. Production time will be official only from this point on.

The balance on your final invoice is payable before delivery to your shipping agent.

Lead Time
Customers should allow 2 – 8 weeks for manufacturing, or any other time as indicated in the quote. Manufacturing times might vary due to the size and uniqueness of the order or availability of raw materials. We will endeavour to produce and hold stock items for clients who order regularly to speed up ther delivery time.


          Our products tend to have more volumetric weight than real weight and therefore clever packaging and product choice is very important. 

          Items are professionally packed by our trained staff

          We use only double-wall cardboard boxes

          Products are wrapped in bubble-wrap, aerothene, paper or tissue paper

          Over-hanging feathers, quills or fur is protected with a pvc dummy

          Same shape or size items are packed inside each other to ensure economical packing

          Boxes are wrapped and strapped together into units to prevent rough handling and loss of goods.

          Each box will clearly show the label of content, the delivery address and colour images of the items inside.

          We personally deliver to the shipping agent of your choice, in Cape Town.

Deliveries are done by us personally to customers or shipping agents in the Cape town area.  We offer a fixed rate of R350.00 (17 US$ / 16 Euro) per delivery, added to your invoice and is part of your FOB price.

For national deliveries, we make use of:

  • Time Freight(Large parcels): 2-3 days road service
  • The Post Office: (Small parcels that will fit in postal bag)Overnight / 3-5 days road delivery to your Post Box or your physical address.

For International deliveries, we make use of:

  • Air freight / Sea freight speedy vessel (For large parcels): +-7 days delivery time.
  • Post Office (For smaller parcels that fit in postal bag)+- 5 days delivery time, using EMS business delivery service via the Post Office.

Description & Care instructions of each product:

Each item we manufacture receives a descriptive label with care instructions attached.

You can also find these instructions under the main heading CARE INSTRUCTIONS

Legislative issues

  • The natural mediums we work with, are Sustainable By-products of commercial farming and professional culling operations in Africa and Namibia.
  • All the animal by-products are South African Cape Nature Certified
  • We are Export / Import registered
  • We attach to each international invoice the following permits and declaration letters:

          Cape Nature Permit to Export the carcass of Wild animals from South Africa

          Declaration of Wild life and Scientific names

          Declaration of fumigation

          Declaration of origin and manufacturing process according to International regulations

          Declaration from local tannery for skins and horns

          The relevant Invoice number reflects on all above documentation.

Banking details:

Mallrats T/A Lidi Ada Naturals, Nedbank Wellington, South Africa, #Account number 1029021813, Branch code 102905 ad Swift Code NEDSZAJJ

  1. Marketing or support organizations:

Lidi Ada is registered with the following South African organizations:

  • Department of Trade & Industry (DTI),
  • Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA)
  • Cape Town Craft & Design Institute (CCDI).
  • The Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing countries (CBI). Lidi Ada is currently in the 4th year of a 5-year Export Coaching programme with the Netherlands government department of Foreign Industries.