South African Rag Doll Collection

30 cm Tall Velvet rag dolls available in 3 colors;
* pearl-white
* turmeric-gold
* cinnamon-brown
The doll can sit by herself and her arms and legs can be bent into positions as you prefer.
Each doll comes with a wardrobe consisting of 3 outfits;
* original 3 Cats red printed Shweshwe,
* golden hemp fabric
* grey hemp fabric.
The outfits are hand-crafted with beads and crochet lace. These dolls are collectors items and when collecting all three color dolls, each color doll's wardrobe will differ from the other two colors, giving you 9 sets of clothes and three dolls to play with or display. For a lower price you can buy the doll with no or less extra sets of clothes.

These dolls are most suitable for
* teenagers to dress up and display in her room
* on tables during a function
* on display in jewelry shops, hair salons, boutique shops, etc…

Their facial features are hand sewn and each doll has beautiful long salon hair which is hand-sewn onto their heads in a different color and style that represents either a white, colored or black girl living in South Africa. Each doll is given a unique name with a special meaning and is boxed in a handmade gift box with see-through window for shop display.

These dolls are 100% hand made and cannot be identical replicas.