Red Shweshwe wrist bag

This small bag is designed to perfectly hang around your wrist and at the same time also creates a closed top until you loosen it.
It is made with 100% Cotton, original Three Cats red Shweshwe fabric. Original Shweshwe will show the Three Cats symbol on the inside of the fabric and will have a characteristic scent, from special oils used in the processing. Initially it has a stiff, starchy feel, but as we wash and prepare the fabric before making your bag, the fabric softens.

Shweshwe is a traditional high quality fabric, manufactured in South Africa, with many different prints and colors to choose from. It is a symbol of pride and honor in the African culture when attending an important event.

The wrist bag comes with Shweshwe lining and an extra inside-pocket.

Size: 25x8x25 cm