PQ Leather Bowl

This basket is made with vegetable tanned leather.
The trimming at the top is hand-stitched with waxed thread and ostrich eggshell beads.
On the front porcupine quills are decorated by hand-stitching.
100% Handmade and Natural

Size of Small leather Pot plant basket: T 14 x B 10 x H 12 cm @ R 425
Size of Small leather Fruit basket: T 20 x B15 x H12 cm @ R 600
Size of Medium leather Fruit basket: T 30 x B 20 / H 17 cm @ R 1100
Size of Large leather basket: T 40 x B25 x H25 cm @ R 1925

** These bowls are most suitable for the display of fruit or vegetables in the kitchen or to display decorative ball or hand towels in the bathroom. The Large basket can be used for keeping firewood **