Blesbok Teddy Bear

40 cm Tall Blesbok fur Teddy bear
The Blesbok is a well known South African hunted game animal and the hair for this antelope is super soft with a lively rich brown colour. We recycle the skin to make this very special teddy bear.
The Teddy can sit by itself and the arms and legs can move up and down, making it possible to stand or sit in different positions.

The Blesbok teddy bear is most suitable for
* a collectible sales item at Safari Game Lodges
* display as center piece on tables at a function
* display item in jewelry shops, hair salons, boutique shops, etc…
* a gift to newborn baby or loved one
* display item in bedroom, replacing the usual scatter cushion

All parts are securely fastened with lock nuts where needed to make it child safe.
The feet and nose features natural leather detail.
The fur is A-grade quality.
This is a collectors item. Each teddy bear is given a unique name with a special meaning and can be boxed in a high quality handmade gift box if requested.
This teddy bear is 100% hand made and cannot be reproduced as an identical replica.