Ambiente 2015 : The Report

From February 13th to February 15th, 2015 took place at the Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, the Ambiente 2015, a trade fair on the consumer goods industry.
I attended the Ambiente 2015 of the Messe Frankfurt, a day before the last day, so it was easy for me to move at ease from one stand to another stand and from one hall to another hall.
Among the firms present at the Ambiente 2015 of the Messe Frankfurt:
The firm GOYON-CHAZEAU, a traditional manufacturer of beautiful ‘Laguiole’ knives from La Monnerie in France. The firm GOYON-CHAZEAU with its dedicated team : Magali, Vincent and Gerd.
The firm Jean Dubost from Viscomtat in France, a firm made famous by its cutlery works.

The firm bibol from Apremont in France that manufactures bamboo products: plates, bowls, … Co-manager of bibol is Mrs. Stéphanie Trabuc.
The firm Ambrunn sas, a firm from Saint-Maur in France, a firm whose Manager is Yves Ambrunn with whom I had a discussion on today’s consumer goods industry market.
Les JARDINS de la COMTESSE, a firm from Sèvres in France that manufactures picnic baskets. Marketing Director of Les JARDINS de la COMTESSE is Florence Rességuier.
The porcelain firm Pillivuyt from Mehun-sur-Yèvre in France. Marketing and Communication Manager is Elodie Poirier.
The firm Roger Orfèvre from Thiers in France, a firm that manufactures cutlery, household items, wood articles, … Philippe Sozedde is Chairman of the firm Roger Orfèvre.
The firm deejo from Bagnolet in France, a firm that manufactures modern stylish pocket knives. International Sales Director of the firm deejo is Jürgen Schneider.
The firm marlux from Montreuil in France, a firm that manufactures pepper mills, salt mills, …
The firm lebrun couverts & orfèvrerie from Sourdeval in France that manufactures cutlery.
The firm APPOLIA from Languidic in France that manufactures ceramic cookware.
The firm cmp Paris of Le Blanc Mesnil in France that manufactures knives, furniture, headphones, … Jérôme Micoulot is Account Manager of cmp Paris.
The firm TERRE ETOILEE from Soufflenheim in France that manufactures ceramic products for cooking pleasure.
The firm CHASSEUR from Paris in France that manufactures cast iron cookware.
The firm Anjolus from Mire in France that manufactures the product FRESHMILL. Eric Nitzel is General Manager of the firm Anjolus.
The firm Revol from Saint-Uze in France that manufactures dinner plates, soup plates, espresso cups, … Olivier Passot is Chairman of REVOL France.
The firm BERARD from Saint-Laurent-en-Royans in France that manufactures olive wood accessories, … Philippe Pastré is General Manager of the firm BERARD.
The firm UNITAM from Courbevoie in France : UNION DES INDUSTRIES D’ARTICLES POUR LA TABLE, LE MENAGE ET ACTIVITES CONNEXES. UNITAM’s chief representative is Mrs. Huguette GERARD.
The firm PYREX from Châteauroux in France, a firm that manufactures cookware and bakeware. Deborah Zenou is Product Manager at PYREX.
The firm WAX INDUSTRI from Karang Tengah in Indonesia, a firm that manufactures beautiful candles. Chairman of WAX INDUSTRI is Mr. Ong Wenping.
The firm CORTICEIRA VIKING from Rio Meào in Portugal. A firm that manufactures products made out of cork : hats, wallets, belts, trolley bags, bottle bags, bottle tubes, trolley bags, yoga pillows, yoga accessories, iPad covers, pencil cases, mouse pads, notebooks, …
The firm Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans from Palestine whose Executive Director is Suzan Sahori.
The firm BRONZE VERRE from Casablanca in Morocco that manufactures decorated glassware and candles. Azzedine Amrani is General Manager of BRONZE VERRE.
The firm allpa from Lima in Peru that manufactures home accessories : pottery, wooden carved mirrors, Chulucanas pottery, …
The firm ORIGINAL HOME COMPANY from Nieuw-Vennep in The Netherlands that manufactures eco-friendly interior decoration.
The firm Graupera from Breda in Spain that manufactures ceramic cookware.
The firm stöckel from Eutin in Germany, a firm that manufactures ice scream scoops, ice scream dippers, ice scream spades, cleaning sinks, catering equipment, … In charge of sales at stöckel is Mrs. Ulla Stöckel.
The firm Browne retail division from Ontario in Canada that manufactures tools for cooking. Trevor W. Kidd is National Sales Manager for the Canadian Retail Division of Browne.
The firm GOYON-CAZEAU from La Monnerie in France and the firm Jean Dubost from Viscomtat in France seem to have been satisfied with their participation at the Ambiente 2015 Messe Frankfurt.
Other firms have praised the qualitative aspect of the visitors of the Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, but deplored the steady decline of visitors through the years that has affected the Ambiente Messe Frankfurt.
According to the Messe Frankfurt, 4 811 exhibitors from 94 countries were present at the Ambiente 2015 Messe Frankfurt, and 135 000 visitors from 152 countries attended the Ambiente 2015 Messe Frankfurt.
According to the Messe Frankfurt, 53% of the visitors of Ambiente 2015 Messe Frankfurt were foreign visitors, those foreign visitors came mostly from Italy, France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Switzerland, China, Turkey, Poland.
Special thanks also to :
Jamil A. Hosh : owner and General Manager of Bethlehem Star Olive Wood Factory.
Francesco Casana from the sales department of the Milano Fiera.
©2015 Teddy Crispin
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