About Us

About Us

Lidi Ada strives to bring back the irreplaceable beauty of nature into peoples lives. Even if you live in the city and have never been in South Africa’s beautiful nature, you can touch and admire a special part of it by having our products in your home. We support job creation for the less educated, the elderly and the disabled. We aim to uplift their spirit and give them the opportunity to create, using nature and the green footprint as their inspiration.

Lidi Ada has 13 year’s experience in manufacturing and supplying high quality, hand crafted natural home decor products to people all over the world.We are located in the beautiful vineyard town, Wellington, about 60 km from Cape Town. Our designs and manufacturing skills create exclusive designer lampshades and chandeliers, cushions, rugs, wall decor, small furniture and mounted skulls & horns.

Our bags are very popular for their natural feeling and practical design. No special features, just nature doing its magic! The Event decor focus on handmade feather flowers, wreaths and Kaapse Fynbos Centre pieces. Collectible gifts we can offer, are rag dolls and natural fur teddies; each with their own special name that entails a deeper meaning to it.

The dolls are 100% handmade with beautiful long hair and three sets of clothes. They represent the three main color groups we have in South Africa; Black, Coloured and White, and by collecting all three dolls it symbolizes the unity within South Africa. Our 1st Edition Teddy represents the Springbok which is our National antelope and the proud name of our National Rugby team.

We show that we are proudly South African by supporting only local engineering and manufacturing companies who supply us with custom made parts. We support our local textile industry with fabrics like woven hemp, woven alpaca wool, 100% cotton, woven mohair and woven Mopani worm silk.

All the natural mediums are sourced from animals and plants that originate in South Africa and the sourcing is done according to the rules and regulations of Cape Nature Conservation as well as the hunting associations with whom we are registered. We have sustainable suppliers who support us annually from all over South Africa and Namibia.



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101 Main Street
Wellington, Western Cape
South Africa

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Elmi: +27 72 111 5244
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